KPM Berlin

Product: Exclusive porcelain pieces
Location: Berlin
Since: 1763

KPM Berlin stands for handmade design from the capital. For more than 250 years, the manufacture has been producing timeless porcelain collections using handcrafted techniques that have been perfected from generation to generation.

KPM Berlin

It must have been a happy moment when the king put his signature under the contract of sale. His passion for white gold made Frederick II an entrepreneur on September 19, 1763 - the birth of KPM Berlin. To this day, the uncompromising demand for quality and the passion for exquisite porcelain are still firmly anchored in the brand. Privatized since 2006, the owner Jörg Woltmann continues to run the manufactory under its original virtues. Under the direction of managing director Bernd Lietke and chief designer Thomas Wenzel, it is made porcelain with a clear and functional design language.

As part of Berlin's metropolis, KPM creates porcelain designs in every style period that go far beyond its time. Even today, the well-balanced proportions of service from rococo to modern day inspire enthusiasm. The collection KURLAND, the classicist form of which was developed in 1790, URBINO from the New Objectivity era and the multifunctional LAB line are among the bestsellers of the manufactory. Only those who master their craft perfectly create perfect masterpieces of lasting value. It requires 29 work steps, which are carried out in 14 working days by 25 manufacturers to produce a piece of porcelain with KPM's standards. With ten quality controls, each object is selected by hand.