Kitchen. Cooking. Delicacies.

This year's DAYS OF GERMAN MANUFACTORIES with the exhibition HANDMADE IN GERMANY, which takes place for the fifth time, is all about culinary delights. From 21 to 22 September 2018, visitors can also go on a culinary discovery tour on the grounds of the KPM Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin with the special exhibition HANDMADE COOKING & DINING.

In this year's special exhibition HANDMADE COOKING & DINING we focus on the central place in the house for many people – the kitchen. The place where people cook, laugh, discuss and meet. Where the family comes together and you let the day pass in review. At this very special place and at the table, we are surrounded day by day by classic manufactured products – porcelain, glasses, knives, silver and pots. Be it the good roaster in which the festive meal has been prepared for Christmas for generations. The aunt's special glasses. Papa's good chef's knife or grandparents' fine porcelain.

The special exhibition offers everyone for whom cooking is not only the preparation of food and eating is more than just the ingestion of food, an experiencable space in which to enjoy, marvel and splash. The cooking is done with pots and pans made of cast iron from the silversmith and metal designer Hoffmann Metallgefäße. The festive table is decorated with the finest, handcrafted plates, cups, terrines and plates from the pottery manufacturer Hedwig Bollhagen. The coffee pleasure for dessert can be tasted from handmade espresso machines of the ECM Manufacture and also the department store Manufactum presents a variety of manufactured products, which enrich the kitchen.

"The topics of sustainable food and cooking are very much in vogue. More and more young people are also attaching importance to high-quality products for the kitchen, which they can enjoy for a long time. With the special exhibition HANDMADE COOKING & DINING we are focusing on the kitchen and the objects we find at this place and at the lovingly set table. We want to show the visitors the diversity of the manufactory products around the topic of enjoyment and sensitize them to sustainable cooking", says Michael T. Schröder, founder and chairman of the Initiative Deutsche Manufakturen.

Visitors will not only be able to see, but also touch, try and experience the manufactured products on display. While visitors are amazed in the show kitchen, diet expert Steffi Wilhelm provides information about healthy and wholesome nutrition. For example, visitors can try out the "glass tasting" on the Austrian Meisterstrasse, where they can experience for themselves the influence glass has on wine.

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