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All manufacturers represented in the initiative have built a reputation with the highest standards in product manufacturing and corporate management. Quality assurance is guaranteed by the obligation of companies to comply with a number of decisive criteria:

To guarantee high quality standards and to define what makes a company a „manufactory”, all our members fulfill the following criteria:

  • Handcrafting of products (Weighting: 60 %)
    Products are predominantly handmade, with production carried out in Germany.
  • Company size (Weighting: 5 %)
    Companies must have more than 10 employees.
  • Customer base (Weighting: 5 %)
    Companies must have a nationwide customer base and international target markets.
  • Affiliation with premium segment (Weighting: 10 %)
    Positioning within the premium segment in terms of quality and price. Masterpieces. Perfection. Character.
  • Perception as manufactory (Weighting: 10 %)
    Companies clearly communicate their positioning as a manufactory and are perceived as a manufactory by their customers.
  • High quality of employed materials (Weighting: 5 %)
    High quality standards: high-quality materials for high-quality products.
  • Production of custom-made products on demand (Weighting: 5 %)
    Production of individual, specially made pieces upon customer request. Individuality. Specialty.

Prospective Members of the initiative also have to fulfill the list of criteria with at least 80 out of a 100 percent. If a manufactory is not able to meet the criteria for the entire company, evidence must be given that they are met by individual product lines or commercial divisions.